Thursday, June 10, 2010

Diva Diva Zee - David Delisca

My birthday was on June 6th & my best-est friend David Delisca wrote a
poem for me. Never had anyone write anything for me before!

Aye Zee Zee
See me
Hear me
Feel me when I say
Bornday, Birthday, Earthday
I say, you are my partna
Roots from the J-A
When we go on tour,
We're gonna burn up the whole place
Groupies grovel on our stage
The world should have a clue
Gyal, you mek mi wanna say
You are an EstroGenius, sweet boo boo
I hope you get to find the beach planted with mirrors so that you can dance
and twirl all day in your birthday suit

If you want, prance around the sand with some fly ass Size 8 shoes

Pink BB covers
Voice notes Queen
20 Y.O.
Diva Diva Zee
20 years young
Your tweets should be put in a song
I'm soo thankful that you came into my life, I hope to keep you here, for on & on

I see ya
One of my favoritest smile on any chica
One of my favoritest chica that I seen in a while
Simply, I like your style
Pow Pow Pow

♥ Zemara Dior wears a size 8 heel.

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